When it comes down to it, content marketing aids in all four stages of marketing:

  1. Awareness
  2. Acquisition
  3. Monetization
  4. Retention

Content can be tailored to each user segment and each stage objective. Whether you are attracting new users in an entirely new segment, or trying to keep old users coming back for more - content marketing is a powerful tool not to be neglected.

7 Reasons why you can't ignore content marketing

  1. Avoids Ad Blockers
  2. Non-Perishable - Reusable - Evergreen
  3. Short & Long-term Benefits
  4. Shareable
  5. Creates Community
  6. Analytics & Feedback
  7. Fuels All Other Marketing Activities

1. Avoids Ad Blockers

One of my personal favourite reasons as to why content marketing is so useful - especially among certain user segments - is its inherent ability to avoid being filtered out by ad blockers.

Dexerto viewed with Ad Blocker ON.
Ad Blocker blocked 48 ad instances on this page alone.

With ad blockers enabled, hop onto your favourite website, streaming platform, or video website and you have an uninterrupted experience. No pesky banner ads, pre-rolls, or other otherwise annoying disruptions of your entertainment.

Dexerto viewed with Ad Blocker OFF.
The same page, at the same position, without Ad Blocker.

Content marketing avoids this by being the main attraction. People opt-in to your content voluntarily because they actually want to read it. Which means that you are likely to receive higher value leads, as the people who viewed your content did so out of desire. It also avoids being filtered out and missed as a result in the first place.

2. Non-perishable - Reusable - Evergreen

There are a few different perspectives here, but it all boils down to one simple fact of content marketing: it lives on after it has been published. When you serve an ad, it is gone, never to be seen again unless you pay more money to serve it again. However, with content (blog, PR story, podcast, video, photo, etc.) it can be reused and discovered over and over again - without additional cost to you.

Additionally, by publishing long lasting content you also create additional value for your community. New and old users alike can search through your content and find answers to their support questions, become inspired, and discover useful tips regarding use cases, etc.

Evergreen content also enables you to reuse it many times over. Because the content is not perishable (ie, it is still accurate and relevant) you can continue to use it as a regular tool in your marketing activities.

3. Short & Long-term Benefits

The short-term benefits are obvious - you publish it on your channels and your audience is informed right away. You can also increase reach by spending money on content discovery platforms (advertising) like Outbrain, Taboola, or other platforms.

So long as the value of your content is clear to your audience, you should see instant results.

You also reap long-term benefits such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your platforms. This aids in content discovery for months and years to come - so long as your content is optimized for such practices. By optimizing your platform and content for SEO, you can have a more favourable ranking on the world's favourite search engine - Google, as well as others. Optimization also helps the format of your Search Engine Results Page (SERP) listing as you can increase the information and aesthetic of your result compared to your competition, making you the more desirable choice.

Cloud 9 SERP
Various results when searching "cloud9".

Additionally, as mentioned above, content also aids in providing much needed information to users who are looking for help or inspiration.

4. Shareable

Word-of-mouth is by far and away the most powerful marketing your business will ever enjoy. Users sharing content creates legitimacy immediately for those receiving the content, expands your distribution/reach, and is free.

Social sharing buttons.
Just a few options to help facilitate sharing.

Content by default enables sharing. The inventory is always there waiting to be picked off the shelf and served to people. By comparison, once a digital ad is served, it has expired and users are typically unable to share it with their communities.

5. Creates Community

Content creates community; and community facilitates content. The two go hand-in-hand. Without content, your community really has no way or purpose to exist.

Xplayn Discord community chat.
Xplayn community members sharing content on Discord.

In turn, community creates its own benefits. For example, regular users become advocates and create/share their own content, which your business and community can leverage in other marketing efforts. Communities also offer a place for fans to live and interact, thus fuelling retention efforts.

6. Analytics & Feedback

Content gives you touch-points to your users across all stages of their perceived customer journey and lifetime. These touch-points offer you the opportunity to collect information, helping you make decisions in real-time as well as create projections for future planning.

Google Analytics Mobile user general information.
Mobile users may be an important segment to watch for some businesses.

What kinds of information you collect varies depending on your specific business and situation. However, the one constant that remains the same no matter what your business or circumstances is that content is what enables you to collect information.

7. Content Marketing Fuels All Other Marketing Activities

Beyond the fact that all marketing activities require content in order to exist in the first place. Content marketing should be your starting point in order to maintain a cohesive campaign across all marketing activities, as well as reduce wasted resources.

Once content marketing is established, you can repurpose the same content for advertising, public relations (PR), optimize for data acquisition, use in referral or social campaigns, aid in customer service and support, use in sales, and so on. This way you are not re-developing entirely new resources for each marketing activity - needlessly wasting time and money.

PLAYNECT Content Marketing

At PLAYNECT we work directly with brands across game and sport to ensure their content marketing efforts are not wasted opportunities. By following data and ensuring each piece of content creates real value for different user segments we are able to achieve business goals across: awareness, acquisition, monetization, and retention.

At the end of the day, setting expectations regarding content and creating habits among user segments is key in creating real fandom. Whether you are a team, on-screen personality, advertiser, developer, publisher, or agency - PLAYNECT is here for you.

This list is not exhaustive, and there are many other benefits to content marketing. However, this should get you thinking more about how your content marketing can solve some issues with your more traditional advertising means. As well as how it affects and ultimately fuels all other marketing operations.