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Simply put, content marketing is anything with which a user interacts. This can be anything from an ad or a social post to an article or video. Each of these touch points are the same as they will have at least one of the following elements:

  1. Copy (text or audio)
  2. Visual (photo, graphic, video, etc.)

With at least one of those two key elements - and often times both -, there is something with which a user can interact and engage. Content.

Content Marketing With PLAYNECT

At PLAYNECT we break content marketing down into three fundamental pillars:

  1. Data
  2. Content
  3. Publishing

The reason being so we can offer clients a well rounded solution. If we focused solely on content without ever taking a look at Data or Publishing we would be making content and optimizing it based on nothing more than assumptions.


Our approach to data is that of curiosity and discovery. We aim to understand the entire landscape before approaching content strategy. The insights gathered on previous content/campaign performances, sentiment, competition, channel strategy, and much more are what fuel ideation and strategy.

Typically we collect information from both client and external sources to gain a thorough understanding of:

  1. Users
  2. Product
  3. Competition
  4. Marketing

That is why we work closely with each client to help them better understand their own data and current situation and fill in any gaps they may have in that regard. The ultimate result is a clear direction forward with their content marketing.


Thanks to the data groundwork, we are able to approach content strategy/ideation, creation, and optimization with actionable information. From proper segmentation to creative direction and content design we have a clear picture of what users want and expect.

User expectations are a key component of successful content. Everything from creative topics to user experience and content design is influenced heavily by user expectations. Having this understanding is critical in helping set and transform those user expectations moving forward and ensuring your content is seen as valuable and not as spam or otherwise useless.

Publishing At PLAYNECT

All of this filters down into publishing as the data and content will determine channel strategy, timing/scheduling, platform optimization and much more.

Publishing is also where you create your positive feedback loop as it is where you are able to gain new insights into those four key areas of data consideration. With this new real-time data you are able to make decisions instantly and continuously optimize your projections for the future of your business and content efforts.

Content is at the very centre of marketing. Without it, you don't have anything for users to engage with and ultimately collect data off. You also don't have anything to publish in the first place. Content marketing is the heart and soul of marketing.